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Umbrella Designs

Umbrella is a customized wood manufacturer. We provide our customers with a wide range of unique fit outs. We work hard to design customized pieces that best fit them.
We are designers, landscape architects, and urbanists connected by our purpose to deliver projects which challenge and delight whilst enhancing the lives of people and natural systems in an enduring way.
Our workshop is the core of our success. Our highly skilled team uses the latest technologies to innovate and create fit outs to support our clients with artistic pieces.
Our Services

Pergolas & Tents

At Umbrella, our designers can design and build many different styles of pergolas, for many different uses:
Shade Pergolas are ideal for producing shade while allowing some light to filter in.
Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas help define your outdoor dining area and cooking space by constructing an open-air structure, providing light, fan and a great dining experience.
Attached Pergolas offer a subtle transition from indoors to your outdoor living area or barbeque.
Pool Pergolas provide a hint of privacy for you outdoor pool, providing a great area for relaxing in the sun. Even when it’s raining you can enjoy your pergola!
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The team at Workspace Design & Build have an unrivalled reputation for successfully delivering our client’s aspirations for innovative, stylish and effective work spaces. We approach every project with a can do attitude, produce great creative ideas and have a genuine passion for achieving the right results every time.
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Kitchens & Dressings

Our strategy is to provide a fully integrated solution that combines the best in creative design.
Our design expertise allows us to combine materials, textures, colors and lighting to transform a kitchen or dressing room into an intimate space for relaxing, cooking and entertaining.
Striving to be the best in the region, we complement our design services with high quality appliances, accessories and installation services.
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Umbrella brings an eager eye and considerate technique to indoors layout projects. What rely most; assisting customers obtain a completely splendor incarnate, reshaping area and seeing the effect it has on their life.
By participating intently with customers for the duration of the process, our bespoke interiors are a real mirrored image of the inhabitants’ precise lifestyles. Umbrella sculpting splendor to suit your needs, turning your area into your dream area at a time.
Our Services

Landscape design

Umbrella offers each customer an individual landscape design, which would seamlessly merge the personal style of the customer into a functional outdoor area to enjoy. Our approach to creating the landscape of your dreams ``heaven``.
We take the time to understand how you feel about your outdoor space and how you want to use it. We want you to enjoy the process as much as we do, so we're making it fun, easy, and stress-free.